An androgynous look to transform, to recreate and to carry in style. Short hair never goes out of style, defined by a soft undercut, illuminated by a cold blonde.

Step by step


  1. Draw an undercut line of separation and cut the panel created in soft form.
  2. Cut the entire area outside the undercut panel at a 90° angle.
  3. Create a central panel in the fringe area, lift the section and cut at a 90° angle in vertical sections.
  4. Blend the two temporal panels with the central panel, maintaining a 45° angle.


  1. Using the backcombing technique, bleach hair by applying Decolorvit Art + Decolorvit Active Use 20vol, 1:2, leaving a root effect.
  2. Separate the upper section into a rectangle, using the middle of the right eye, the middle of the left eye and the top of the head as reference. Subsequently divide this section in two.
  3. Start working the first front section in diagonal strips, alternating REVERSO Irise + Reverso Oxy 5vol, 1:2 and REVERSO 10.2 + Reverso oxy 10vol, 1:1.
  4. Continue in the second section in diagonal strips, opposite to the first, alternating REVERSO 10.2 + REVERSO oxy 10vol, 1:1 and REVERSO Irise + Reverso Oxy 5vol, 1:2. Color the rest of the hair applying REVERSO 10.2 + REVERSO oxy 10vol, 1:1.


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