Hair Wellness



The complete Treatment line which includes and takes care of any hair types, to satisfy all the hairdressers’ needs.
With ONCARE all the essential rituals of hair care are taken into account, focusing on the customer’s wellness and health.

The declaration of love to wellness and naturalness.

The Selective Professional formulas respect the hair structure and the scalp, treating and detoxing hair day after day. The silky textures wrap hair, clean and smooth it, exalting its natural beauty. The selected scents delight the professional and client’s experience, the soft design evokes the gentleness of ONCARE.

All the cleansing treatments are formulated without SLES or SLS.

Freedom in simplicity.


  • RECYCLED PACKAGING packaging is made of 50% recycled plastic and it is recyclable.
  • TREATING BALMS They do not just condition hair, but offer a true wellness infusion, for a deeper treatment.
  • FORMULA EVOLUTION the products offer better performances thanks to improved formulas, but they assure the features of the existing products.
  • INGREDIENTS each single range is formulated with specific natural principles, to be adapted to the particular hair needs.


ONcare Color Block

Specific line for the care of colour and bleached hair

ONcare Daily

Specific line for the daily hydration

ONcare Refill

Specific line for fine and damaged hair

ONcare Repair

Specific line for weak and brittle hair

ONcare Scalp

Specific line for the scalp care

ONcare Smooth

Specific line for long hair

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