Extra concentrated pure pigments


The exclusive coloring system is transversal and to be used in synergy with other Selective Professional products so as to conceive a new way to color hair. 7 pure pigments which enhance perfection, a fusion of illuminating and hydrating that goes beyond the laws of colorimetry.  A concentrated treatment to exalt color and obtain electric vibrations, healthy hair and supreme hydration.
thePIGMENTS give instant light and brightness to hair and visibly improve the look at each application.
theGOLD, theCOPPER, theRED, theVIOLET, theBLUE, theGREEN, theGREY


  • HYDRATES helps hair maintain in-depth hydration and conditioning 
  • GIVES SHINE guarantees instantly radiant color with bright and vibrant effects
  • DOUBLE THE DURATION and guarantees perfect coloring which stays bright and intense and avoids dull and faded reflexes later on


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