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The highly professional permanent colouring system, ideal for all hair types. Colorevo colours guarantees extraordinary colours, healthy hair, thrilling results. These results are possible with the cutting-edge ceramide technology of CERAFLUX PLUS and COLOR DIFFUSION SYSTEM. Colorevo offers a highly personalized and customizable color concept. Over 202 shades at the hairstylist’ service. Let be carried away into a world of light, reflections and creativity.


  • CERAFLUX PLUS sensational, full-bodied and healthy hair thanks to the precious ingredients that act at every stage of the colouring process.
    Result outcome: perfect colour and sensational hair.
  • COLOR DIFFUSION SYSTEM radiant, brilliant and long lasting colours thanks to the balanced colouring system enhanced with protective agents.
    Result outcome: aggressive cleansing and sunrays effects do not affect the hair colour, which remains visibly sparkling and intense.


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