Rebuilding Treatment

The professional rebuilding

Rebuilding Treatment

The professional rebuilding enriched with hyaluronic acid. The mechanical action of incorrect styling, excessive use of hair straighteners or hairdryers or the chemical action of atmospheric agents and pollutants or even certain treatments, are all factors that can compromise hair health, making it weaker and leaving it looking opaque, coarse to the touch and extremely fragile. REBUILDING TREATMENT is the Xstrong treatment to restore extremely damaged hair to its original beauty. It works in just 15 minutes on all extremely damaged hair types.


  • PURIFYING – DETOX frees up the hair from metals, styling residues and impurities
  • HYDRATION X5 a blend of 5 hyaluronic acids, with different molecular weights, to act on all levels of the hair structure
  • DISCIPLINE conditioning and antistatic action
  • RESISTANCE Elastixity and resistance to breakages from the first application


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