Bleaching system up to 9 tones


Completely dedicated to the world of blonds, Decolorvit is the versatile range designed to tackle the most difficult challenges and offer quality services with total respect for the hair structure. A complete bleaching range up to 9 levels, for every technique, every result and every hair structure. With vegan formulas, pigmented textures to counteract undesidered highlights and delicate fragrances to make the bleaching experience enjoyable for both professionals and clients, Decolorvit is essential to succeed and stand out in the world of blonds.


  • VEGAN TECHNOLOGY the new protection technology that works both inside and outside the hair fiber; it allows safe, high-performance results to be obtained with ingredients that are not derived from animal origin
  • EXCLUSIVE SAFE-SALON FORMULAS compact, non-volatile, guaranteeing the inhibition of unwanted shades
  • FRAGRANCES  natural, delicate fragrances that make the service pleasant
  • SPEAKING PACKAGING modern pack with explanatory graphics that illustrate the functionality, performance and characteristics of the single products


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