Decolorvit Active Use

Pack: 1000 ml

Specific activator designed to act in synergy with the products of the Decolorvit range. Thanks to its special formula containing the exclusive anti-yellow pigment, it makes blonds even and brilliant, allowing bleaching of about 20% more than normal oxidants while protecting the hair fiber.. The liquid texture mixes easily with both powder and cream, ensuring homogeneous blends that are easy to apply.
Available in 4 versions: 10, 20, 30, 40 volumes.

Active principles

  • ANTI YELLOW PIGMENT: with an ultra-stable anti-yellow effect, gives a superior optical whitening effect for glossier and shinier reflexes
  • VEGETABLE OIL WAXES: ensure uniform and glossier results from roots to tips and help preserve the integrity of the hair structure during the bleaching process

How to use

Always follow the mix ratios recommended for the product of Decolorvit.

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