Reverso Oxy

Pack: 1000 ml

Formula specifically developed to guarantee the best results in synergy with Reverso Hair Color. REVERSO OXY is a delicate oxidizing emulsion enriched with an exclusive blend of fresh superfood extracts.

Active principles

SUPERFOOD BLEND: an exclusive blend of cold-pressed fresh superfood extracts, extremely rich in nutrients, designed to intensify the cosmetic benefits of the color treatment and nourish the hair in depth.

How to use

The shades of REVERSO HAIR COLOR are to be used in mixture with REVERSO OXY 10-20-30-40 vol.

Mix ratio:
1:2 with superblond

Resting time:
30 min
45 min with REVERSO superblond

How to be used:

10 3 tone on tone – darker color – bleaching 0-1 shade
20 6 covering white hair – colore più scuro – schiaritura 1-2 shade
30 9 covering white hair – bleaching 2-3 shade
40 12 bleaching 4 shade with REVERSO superblond

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