Decolorvit Free Hand

Pack: 400 g

Decolorvit Free Hand is a white powder specifically developed for free-hand services: balayage, ombré and more creative techniques. It bleaches up to 7 levels leaving hair shiny and soft. Formulated with Guar gum and clay, its absorbent properties give the chalky texture extreme elasticity and adherence. Non-streaky and non-drying, it allows bleaching without using foils; it wraps the hair structure, keeping it elastic and conditioned.

Active principles

  • GUAR GUM: water-soluble polysaccharide with conditioning and emollient properties; it ensures high viscosity and a protective function on the treated hair fiber. A sensorial agent of natural origin, it thickens cuticles and restores the surface hydrolipid film.
  • WHITE CLAY: with purifying and softening properties, it guarantees a gentle and re-mineralizing action on the hair fiber. In synergy with the activator, it gives compactness and body to the texture

How to use

DECOLORVIT Free Hand has to be mixed exlusively with DECOLORVIT Active Use 10-20-30-40 vol. based on the desired bleaching level. Apply on dry hair. Allow to rest but check the bleaching process every 5 minutes, up to a maximum of 50 minutes. The resting time depends on the hair conditions. When the resting time is completed, rinse out well with water.

free-hand bleaching

Bleaching Power
up to 7 levels

Mixing Ratio

Resting Time
maximum 50 minutes

10-20-30-40 vol.

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