Glow Liquid Color

Make your color glow

Glow Liquid Color

Glow Liquid Color, the new tone-on-tone beauty filter to enhance blonds and lighter shades. With a vegan formulation and a jelly texture, 12 easy-to-use shades for natural, translucent results.  

Glow Liquid Color that treats hair while coloring it, thanks to cruelty free formula, sustainability and ammonia free, effectively balanced for functionality and sustainability.

Make your color glow.


  • ENHANCES NATURAL AND COSMETIC COLOR with extreme gentleness and softness 
  • DOES NOT LIGHTEN the natural or colored pigment of hair 
  • OFFERS NEW SERVICE POSSIBILITIES for the hairdresser in the salon: toning, softening unwanted tones, intensifying, brightening or masking any lightenings


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