Pack: 100 ml

Sensational results, full-bodied and healthy hair thanks to the precious ingredients that act at every stage of the colouring process. COLOREVO offers a highly personalized and customizable color concept. Pleasant fragrance for both the user and the customer. In mixture with COLOREVO MIX, 5 pure shades and 2 neutral formulas, allows to neutralize undesired highlights to create unlimited colours.

Active principles

CERAFLUX PLUS: a bioidentical lipid blend, capable of supplementing active ingredients in the right quantity and quality for the best cosmetic results. It contains three different type of ceramides, it perfectly mimic the lipids naturally present in the hair, it repairs, it films and it protects from the external aggression, for maximum gloss

How to use

COLOREVO is designed to act in synergy with COLOREVO OXY 10-20-30 Vol (3%, 6%, 9%)
The mix ratio is 1+1 [ex: 100 ml COLOREVO + 100 ml COLOREVO OXY].
In mixture with COLOREVO MIX, add the appropriate amount according to the shades selected: for lighter shades, add a lower amount of COLOREVO MIX. For shades like 9-10, it is advisable to add 5% to the total cream.
Apply it on dry and uncleansed hair.

Resting time: 30 minutes.

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