Linearity and elegance in the cutting geometries, short at the nape of the neck with a long side bang that sharpens the face. The color palette reminisces about French wines to warm up any type of complexion.

Step by step


  1. Create an asymmetrical triangular section at the front; from the two extremities, create a horseshoe-shaped section, parting hair under the crown. Using the vertical cutting technique, work from the rear central section of the head to the section behind the ear, cutting at an internal angle following the shape of the skull.
  2. Blend in the temporal area using the horizontal technique; cut in elevation moving the hair onto the guide section at an angle from the shortest reference point to the longest. Blend in the volume on the crown at a central rounded angle using the radial cutting technique. Take all the hair from the upper part of the head onto the result obtained using the radial cutting technique.
  3. Work the asymmetrical triangle at the front regardless of the rest of the hair, using a guide section above the left side and project all the hair to the right to create symmetry. Personalise the style using the slide cut technique.


  1. Create a perpendicular line on the left side, from the highest part of the head as far as the front hairline. Connect the end to the right ear lobe, creating an asymmetrical triangle.
  2. Colour the area outside the triangle using COLOREVO 5.51 + COLOREVO OXY 20vol 1:1
  3. Divide the triangle in two. Create sunburst ray sections in both halves and begin to colour from the most external sunburst ray using: COLOREVO Cassia + COLOREVO OXY 30vol 1:1; the next ray using COLOREVO 5.51 + COLOREVO OXY 30 vol 1:1; the third ray using COLOREVO Porto + COLOREVO 30vol 1:1; the last ray using COLOREVO 5.51 + COLOREVO OXY 20vol 1:1. Colour the sunburst ray central to the two halves using COLOREVO Cabernet + COLOREVO OXY 30vol 1:1.
  4. Work the opposite side of the triangle in the same way using the same technique.


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