The focus is entirely on the fringe, which showcases irregular lengths. Long, versatile and sophisticated lines to be styled either straight or wavy. Susan, the BI BOLD woman, is warmed up by a blend of brown shades that looks toward the summer season.

Step by step


  1. Create a triangle in the fringe area and define the lengths using the natural fall technique
  2. Design a V shape, with its tip on the occipital bone, to the ends of the eyebrows. Cut hair compactly, outside the V, using the natural fall technique. Then cut the hair inside the V, using the lengths previously cut as reference
  3. Connect the temporal areas compactly with the rear part
  4. Cut all the inside area using the star technique


  1. Color the roots using Colorevo 5.06 + Colorevo oxy 20 vol, 1:1
  2. Create a star on the top of the head and color the hair outside the section just created using Colorevo 5.06 + Colorevo oxy 20 vol, 1:1
  3. Bleach the perimeter of the star using Decolorvit Art + Decolorvit Active use 20 vol, 1:2
  4. Color the area inside the star using Colorevo 8.24 + Colorevo oxy 20 vol, 1:1. Tone the bleached areas using Reverso Tabacco + Reverso Revealer 5 vol, 1:2


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