Long hair is the new normal, but with a symmetric fringe that slightly brushes against the eyes  and sets the trend. A rigorous look revived by a mix of bright copper shades.

Step by step


  1. Draw a perimeter line of separation that is approx. 5cm-high and cut at a 45° angle
  2. Gather the hair into three small central ponytails starting from the hairline as far as the occipital bone, and cut using the ponytail technique
  3. Create a triangular section in the fringe area and cut using the half finger technique
  4. Define the perimeter


  1. Color all the hair with Colorevo 8.34 + Colorevo oxy 20vol, 1:1
  2. Create a triangle in the fringe area. Create a second area following the curve of the head, starting from the side vertexes of the triangle and ending with a horizontal line on the occipital bone. Gather the area just divided into 3 central ponytails
  3. Start working the rear part using the backcombing technique. Divide the remaining part of the various strands into two and color the part nearest to the roots applying Colorevo 1017 + Colorevo oxy 40vol, 1:2 and the ends applying Decolorvit Plus + Decolorvit Active use 20vol, 1:2
  4. Backcomb the 3 central ponytails and color the remaining part applying Colorevo 1017 + Colorevo Oxy 40vol, 1:2. Tone all the hair with REVERSO Sabbia + REVERSO oxy 5vol, 1:2


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