The 70s geometries are back in 2020/21 with intense and bold colours that warm up the season and give depth to the look. Wide, long and full fringe, able to balance the proportions of the face.

Step by step


  1. Using the line that runs from near the right ear to the left ear as reference, cut the panel in the fringe area at a 90° angle
  2. Lighten the top of the head by layering at a 90° angle, using the point cut technique.
  3. Draw a 3cm-high perimeter line of separation and create an undercut
  4. In the occipital bone area, gather hair into a central ponytail and cut using the sculpting technique


  1. Apply Colorevo 4.15 + Colorevo oxy 20vol, 1:1 to about 3 cm of the entire root area
  2. Separate hair into 3 concentric circles and start working from the outermost circle. Lift a strand horizontally by about 0.5 cm and color, using the weave technique, alternating Colorevo Curry + Colorevo oxy 30vol, 1:1 and Colorevo Cajun + Colorevo oxy 30vol, 1:1
  3. Continue at the side, lifting a second strand and color using the V technique applying Colorevo Cajun + Colorevo oxy 30vol, 1:1
  4. Continue using the same technique in all three circles. Finish off by toning hair with Colorevo Porpora + Colorevo oxy 10vol, 1:1.


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