Pink Lady, apricot and blonde!!! Lightheartedness as a state of mind and as a definite look. A very comfortable medium cut with a long and diagonal fringe. So radical chic.

Step by step


  1. Draw a line of separation from ear to ear passing over the top of the head. Separate the fringe, keeping the middle of the right eye and the middle of the left eye as reference, and cut in an asymmetrical line
  2. Bring the two temporal panels towards the front and define the lengths, using the fringe panel as guidance
  3. Create a V separation in the front panel, with the vertex under the occipital bone. Cut the part outside the triangle at a 90° angle
  4. Blend in the section on the top of the head, using the vertex and fringe as reference


  1. Create a rectangle, starting above the middle of the right and left eyes and ending on the crown
  2. Create two side sections with two lines that start from the middle of the ear and end at the rectangle previously created. Create a circular line in the rear part that starts at the side hairline near the right ear lobe and ends on the opposite side near the left ear lobe
  3. In the rear part, backcomb every single strand and bleach with Decolorvit Art + Decolorvit Active use 20vol, 1:2, alternating the weave technique and the V technique
  4. Tone the hair with wavy divisions on all the sectors, alternating REVERSO Albicocca + REVERSO 5vol, 1:2 and REVERSO Pink Lady + REVERSO 5vol, 1:2


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