Daring and getting noticed is the goal. A super cool undercut with an XXL side bang to transform oneself at any time. Light and delicate colors highlight the details of the geometries and soften the rigidity of the cut.

Step by step


  1. Create a line, following the shape of the crown, from the right temporal bone to the left temporal bone. Cut the entire internal area using the scissor-over-comb technique (or a hair trimmer).
  2. Part the crown area from ear to ear. Create a central vertical guideline above the crown area and cut using the undercutting technique, maintaining a rounded angle.
  3. Using the radial technique, cut the rest of the crown area section. Part the front of the crown area radially. Using the guideline at the apex of the head for reference, elevate the hair, project it forward and cut. Personalise the style using the slide cut technique.


  1. Bleach all the hair using Decolorvit Scalp + Decolorvit Active Use 30vol 1:1. After rinsing, tone the roots using REVERSO Ash + REVERSO OXY 5vol 1:2 and the hair shaft and ends using REVERSO Pearl + REVERSO OXY 5vol 1:2
  2. Design a line from ear to ear and divide the front part into two central sections.
  3. Create a triangle in the upper part of the head with the tips ending at the outer edge of the eyebrow. Divide the triangular area into small sunburst rays. In the right half of the triangle, alternate a bleached section with a section coloured using Direct pastel grey 25g + Direct pastel lilac 25g. Leave the central sunburst ray bleached.
  4. Work the opposite part of the triangle using the same technique.


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