Rock’n roll with elegance! A short, voluminous and asymmetric haircut. A full colour, enriched with multiple shades, making it irresistible.

Step by step


  1. Draw a line of separation from ear to ear passing over the occipital bone. Divide the front panel in half with a horizontal line and cut the lower panel at a 45° angle in vertical sections.
  2. Continue cutting the upper half at a 90° angle, again in vertical sections
  3. Keeping the rear panel as guidance, cut the two temporal panels at a 90° angle in vertical sections
  4. Finish off on top of the head at the front, using the boomerang technique.


  1. Create 2 sections: the first with a concentric separation with the top of the head in the center, the second in the fringe area with two lines starting from the middle of the right eye and the left eye that join at the first separation. Color the area outside the section with REVERSO 3.0 + REVERSO Oxy 10vol, 1:1
  2. Using the backcombing technique, bleach the concentric separation with Decolorvit Plus + Decolorvit Active Use 20vol, 1:2
  3. Divide the fringe area into small concave sections and color each section alternating REVERSO Egg Nog + REVERSO Oxy 10vol, 1:1 and REVERSO Chinotto + REVERSO oxy 10vol, 1:1.
  4. On top of the head, divide the concentric section into small helix sections and color each one alternating REVERSO Egg Nog + REVERSO Oxy 10vol, 1:1, REVERSO Chinotto + REVERSO oxy 10vol, 1:1 and REVERSO Mojito Liquirizia + REVERSO Oxy 10vol, 1:1


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