ONcare Scalp

Revitalizing Treatment

Pack: 100 ml

No-rinse spray treatment, ideal to stimulate the scalp vitality and counteract hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors. It can also be used as a precautionary treatment. It helps maintain the thickness and body of hair, completes and enhances the effect of Revitalizing Shampoo.

Active principles

  • REDENSYL: synergical mixture of 4 molecules (DHQG, EGCG2, Glycine, Zinc) which reactivate stem cells of bulbs to favor hair growth
  • PEONY EXTRACT: it contains active elements such as flavonoids, polyphenols and monoterpene glycosides having an antioxidant, elasticizing and revitalizing effect. Peony encourages the synthesis of collagen and stimulates the production of scalp papillae, it recovers cellular components reducing aging signs and removing mitochondria which cannot produce energy anymore
  • SAGE EXTRACT: rich in phenolic acids, flavonoids and essential oils contributing to improving hair health. Known for breathable and astringent properties, it contains beta-sitosterol to prevent the thinning of hair structures and revitalize dry and dehydrated tips, while nourishing hair follicles

How to use

Shake before using. Dispense evenly on cleansed and towel- dried scalp. Distribute with care on the involved area. Massage gently and proceed with drying, without rinsing. It can be used daily to enhance the reinvigorating effect, even on dry scalp.

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