ONcare therapy Scalp Defense

DERMA OIL treatment

Pack: 50 ml

Thanks to the combined action of Arnica Calendula and other precious natural oils, it protects, soothes and purifies the scalp, significantly improving its natural physiological balance and giving an immediate feeling of well-being.
Derma Oil carries out a gentle and purifying action, prepares the scalp for subsequent treatments and counteracting the aggressiveness of the active washing agents.

Active principles

  • ARNICA: with moisturizing and toning properties for scalp and hair
  • CALENDULA: ownership give lenitive and emollients

How to use

Pre-shampoo Treatment: apply directly on the skin and gently massage. Leave on for 2-3 minutes then proceed with ONcare therapy Scalp Defense the most suitable to the anomaly to be treated.
Leave-in Treatment: to moisturize and soften dry skin by applying a small amount to the affected areas.

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