ONcare Scalp

Marine Scrub

Pack: 200 gr

It has a deep detox effect, removing died cells, sebum excess and stress caused by air pollution, which block hair bulbs daily. The purifying exfoliation maintains the perfect balance of the natural protective barrier and accelerates the cellular renewal, for hair growing healthy and for a more vital and fitter scalp.

Active principles

  • DRIED SEA SALT: has draining and stimulating properties. Got from sea water through a natural evaporation, it frees pores and stimulates the circulation. The strength of minerals which are naturally present in it, like iodine and magnesium, regenerate and smooth the scalp, providing a feeling of energy and lightness.

How to use

Apply on damp scalp using a brush. Distribute on the scalp with a gentle, circular movement to stimulate tissues. Leave on a few minutes. Add water to get a more abundant foam, cleanse deeply and activate the cleansing step. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with Pure Elixir.

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