ONcare Scalp

Skin Shampoo

Pack: 950 ml

Its specific fluidity allows a fast and total release of the active principles, for an intense cleansing and a limited hydration loss. The regular and repeated use of Skin Shampoo assures excellent results, the scalp finds its balance and its optimal elasticity back quickly, for a long-lasting feeling of pleasant freshness.

Active principles

  • EUCALYPTUS EXTRACT: has balsamic features and it is an excellent decongestant, seboregulator and freshner. Its use helps strengthen hair bulbs and remove toxins which make hair weak. It assures the right intake of oxygen and nutrition for a healthier growth of hair
  • ALOE VERA JUICE: full of vitamins A, C and E it soothes, nourishes and strengthens the scalp, shielding the integrity of the hair structure.

    Thanks to vitamin B-12, it encourages the development of cells and stimulates the peripheral microcirculation. It contains water, minerals and amino acids having antibacterial properties, to calm the itch and purify the hair bulb

How to use

Distribute on damp scalp, previously purified with Marine Scrub and Pure Elixir. Leave on some minutes. Add water and massage gently, then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Proceed with the most suitable treatment according to the diagnosed anomaly.

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