ONcare Scalp

Purifying Shampoo

Pack: 200 ml

Ideal for the scalp suffering from oily and dry dandruff, SLES-SLS FREE. It rebalances the cellular renewal and restores the natural microbial balance, relieving the itchy sensation. It cleanses specifically, removing dandruff effectively and facing the microbial attack. It leaves light, bright hair with a pleasant, fresh effect on the scalp.

Active principles

  • PIROCTONE OLAMINE: antibacterial, antimycotic and seboregulating active ingredient
  • NETTLE EXTRACT: is rich in oligo elements, essential amino acids and minerals having specific, hemostatic and depurative properties. Sulfur, zinc, copper, as well as vitamin A, C and B2 help find again the tonicity and the natural beauty of the scalp
  • ROSEMARY EXTRACT: has reinvigorating, stimulating and antiseptic properties, thanks to caffeic acid and apigenin. Rich in antioxidant properties, it has an antimycotic effect, facing inflammations and safeguarding the natural scalp wellness

How to use

Distribute on damp scalp. Massage well and leave on some minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Proceed with Purifying Treatment.

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