Decolorvit Ultra

Pack: 500 gr

Decolorvit Ultra is a high-performance bleaching powder with high lightening power. Pullulex technology amplifies the protection of hair during the technical service and makes it possible to achieve flawless results from even the darkest bases. Highly versatile, it ensures uniform bleaching with a long-lasting result and minimized hair breakage. The advanced formula with a deeply intense power acts from the inside to the outside of the hair structure, for radiant blonds and soft hair.

Active principles

  • GUAR GUM: water-soluble polysaccharide with conditioning and emollient properties; ensures high viscosity and a protective function on the treated hair fiber. A sensorial agent of natural origin, it thickens cuticles and restores the surface hydrolipid film
  • METEORITE POWDER: rich in essential mineral salts with antioxidant properties; it enhances and gives uniqueness and strength to the product
  • CAMELIA OIL: obtained from cold-pressed Japanese camellia seeds, it is rich in Omega 3, vitamins A, B and E, nutrients that perform a moisturizing, revitalizing and purifying function.
  • PULLULEX: rich complex obtained through fermentation, extraction and purification processes of pullulan, a low-allergenic polysaccharide. It creates a protective biofilm during application, supports moisture levels and protects against oxidative stress. It stimulates collagen production and maintains the elasticity of the hair structure

How to use

DECOLORVIT Nova should be mixed solely with DECOLORVIT Active Use 10-20-30 vol.  Mix in a bowl, based on the consistency and the chosen technique. Apply the cream to dry hair and leave on, monitoring the bleaching development. When the developing time is over, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

extreme bleaching

Bleaching Power
up to 9 levels

Mixing Ratio
for standard applications; 1:1,5 or 1:2,5 for customized applications

Resting Time
maximum 45 minutes

10-20-30 vol.

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