Decolorvit Eraser

Pack: 250 g

Decolorvit Eraser is a pickling cream formulated to gently remove total or partial oxidation colors. The creamy, compact texture offers maximum control, allowing the product to be applied specifically to the affected areas. With an advanced ammonia-free technology,
it safely removes even direct pigments and ensures optimal results with just one application. It acts progressively and rapidly; it allows hair to be bleached up to 3 levels while fully respecting the hair structure.

Active principles

  • CORN PROTEINS: having softening, moisturizing and conditioning properties, they coat hair with a film that makes it fuller and more resistant, for shiny and voluminous results.
  • BEESWAX: highly moisturizing and emollient for the scalp, rich in fatty acids and lipids, it creates a protective barrier that helps prevent moisture loss and gives hair a shiny, healthy appearance.

How to use

DECOLORVIT Eraser has to be mixed exclusively with DECOLORVIT Active Use 10-20 vol. based on the desired power level. Mix the cream thoroughly using a brush or a spatula to obtain a uniform consistency. Apply immediately to dry-unwashed hair. Wait until the desired effect is achieved, from 10 to 20 minutes. When the desired effect is achieved, rinse thoroughly with water.

pickling or light bleaching

Bleaching Power
up to 3 levels

Mixing Ratio
for standard applications
1:1,5 for customized applications

Resting Time
maximum 20 minutes

10-20 vol.

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