Rigorous cutting technique, fringed to the perimeters and scaled, in shag style, to soften the face with harmony. The colors are continuously shaped and transformed, from velvet, to satin, to damask.

Step by step


  1. Create an asymmetrical triangular section on the left side. In the rear part, create a section under the occipital area from ear to ear. Cut the internal part in degradation using the vertical technique following the shape of the skull.
  2. Blend hair in with the temporal area, crossing a vertical central section, then cut at a rounded angle. Blend in all the hair on the guide.
  3. In the asymmetrical triangle, cut the section using the length previously obtained on the right side as a guide. Personalize the style using the slide cut technique.


  1. Create an asymmetrical triangle on the left side, from the highest point of the head, with tips halfway along the right eyebrow and the end of the left one.
  2. Colour the area outside the triangle using COLOREVO 1011 + COLOREVO 40vol 1:2.
  3. Design a vertical line from the top of the front hairline to the nose and then divide the section thus created into two parts. Colour the root of the most external part using COLOREVO Velvet + COLOREVO OXY 40vol 1:2, and the hair shaft using COLOREVO Satin + COLOREVO OXY 40vol 1:2; colour the remaining part using COLOREVO Damasco + Colorevo oxy 30vol 1:2.
  4. Divide the other part of the initial triangle into sunburst rays and colour: the first ray COLOREVO Satin + COLOREVO OXY 40vol 1:2; the second ray COLOREVO Velvet + COLOREVO OXY 40vol 1:2; the third ray COLOREVO Damasco + COLOREVO OXY 30vol 1:2; continue, repeating the three formulas.


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