Classicism always triumphs and it is made special by a refined palette of brown colours. Soft and simple geometries for those who love long hair.

Step by step


  1. Draw a perimeter line that is about 5cm-high and layer
  2. Define the perimeter at a 90° angle
  3. Lift the occipital bone panel and cut using the boomerang technique
  4. Bring the upper panel to the front and cut in a concave shape


  1. Color about 10-15 cm of the roots applying Colorevo 6.15 + Colorevo oxy 20vol, 1:1
  2. Divide the hair into 4 sections: the first rear section by drawing a line from ear to ear, passing over the crown, the second section by creating a rectangle running from the middle of the right eye and middle of the left eye to the parting previously created and the two side areas thus created
  3. Starting in the rear section, lift 3 cm strips and proceed using the backcombing technique. Color the remaining part of the various strands alternating Colorevo 1017+ Colorevo oxy 40vol, 1:2, Colorevo Templare + Colorevo oxy 10vol, 1:1 and Colorevo CS + Colorevo 40 vol 1:2
  4. Continue using the same technique on all the hair, alternating the three colors


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