Colorevo Glitch

Pack: 60 ml

The innovative permanent coloring, COLOREVO GLITCH allows, through a single application, to bleach and recolor at the same time, including dyed hair. Without the need for preliminary bleach, it lightens 2 to 4 tones depending on the volumes of oxidant used and the structure of the hair treated. Available in 2 nuances: RED and COPPER.

Active principles

CERAFLUX PLUS: a bioidentical lipid blend, capable of supplementing active ingredients in the right quantity and quality for the best cosmetic results. It contains three different type of ceramides, it perfectly mimic the lipids naturally present in the hair, it repairs, it films and it protects from the external aggression, for maximum gloss

How to use

To be used both on natural hair (from tone 2 to 6), and on colored hair (from tone 3 to 6). COLOREVO GLITCH nuances are used in mix with COLOREVO OXY 10-20-30 Vol (3%, 6%, 9%). The choice of the oxidant will determine the intensity of the reflection.
The mix ratio is 1+1 [ex: 50 ml COLOREVO GLITCH + 50 ml COLOREVO OXY].
Apply it on dry and uncleansed hair.
Resting time:

  • 15 minutes under heat
  • 35 minutes

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