proteo PERM

proteo FIX

Pack: 1000 ml

Neutralizing solution with stabilized acid pH, to effectively buffer alkaline residues.
In synergy with proteo FIX, neutralizing solution, it completely reconstructs the sulfur bonds reduced by the corrugating liquid, fixing the new shape and neutralizing the residues of the reductive substances.

Active principles

  • MINT ESSENCE: to neutralize any unpleasant smell
  • HYDROLIZED WHEAT PROTEIN: with nourishing, hydrating and repairing properties

How to use

Use in synergy with proteo PERM 1s, proteo PERM 1, proteo PERM 2. After leaving the permanent liquids on washed hair, towel-dried hair and rolled up on curlers. Leave on. Rinse thoroughly. Continue applying proteo FIX and leave for 5 minutes, gently remove the curlers and apply proteo FIX again, massage it gently. Leave on for another 5 minutes then rinse it thoroughly for 3 minutes.

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