Hemp Sublime

Hemp Shampoo

Pack: 250 ml e 1000 ml

Cleansing treatment with hemp seed oil, for deep hydration and an antioxidant effect. It eliminates impurities, restores the hydrolipidic balance and nourishes dry and damaged hair, giving a sensation of lightness, shine and extreme softness.

86% Natural Origin Content

Active principles

  • HEMP SEEDS OIL: obtained by centrifuging Cannabis Sativa leaves, is rich in: Omega 3 and 6, fundamental for preventing dehydration and maintaining the elasticity of the hair fiber; they help stimulate elastin fibers making hair shiny, healthy and strong; Vitamin E and polyphenols, two natural antioxidants with extraordinary protective capacity, fight free radicals and improve scalp circulation, attenuating the ageing process and strengthening hair.

How to use

Distribute over dampened hair. Massage it gently, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

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