curly hair CURLLOVER

Curllover Super Lamellar

Pack: 100 ml and 300 ml

Lamellar treatment that disciplines hair and makes it tamed and manageable. It gives extreme softness and a mirror-effect brightness. It contributes to leaving hair healthier and more voluminous.

Active principles

  • VEGETABLE KERATIN derived from wheat, rice, corn and soy, it has a restructuring and strengthening action, regenerating the stem. Thanks to the hydrolyzed proteins with a low molecular weight, it gives body and nutrition to hair.
  • APPLE SEED OIL outstanding alternative to silicones, it is full of antioxidant phytonutrients, giving hydration and brightness and contrasting the cellular aging. It restores the natural lipidic barrier and contains vitamins and minerals, to favor the renewing of the stem and the softness of hair.
  • APPLE PECTINE Full of polysaccharides, it gives structure and volume to the hair stem. It supplies mineral salts, providing hydration and elasticity to hair and making it stronger.

How to use

Apply on damp, washed hair. Towel-dry well to remove the water excess. Apply on all lengths and leave it on 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse, dry and proceed with styling. It is recommended to use the hair straightener during the styling to improve the lamination effect. Shake well before using.

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