Pack: 250 ml

Formula for normal or fine hair to be waved. Use in synergy with BLÚWAVE FIX guarantees a fast, lasting fixing, in total respect for the hair fiber. Formulated with a stabilized acid pH to effectively buffer alkaline residues. BLÚWAVE 1 gives an effect of natural vitality even to less bulky hair.

Active principles

KERATIN AMINO ACIDS: with low molecular weight, they penetrate the bark by hydrating and strengthening it from the inside; restore the right hydration for the well-being of the hair

How to use

Apply BLÚWAVE 1 on washed, towel-dried hair and wrapped on curlers. Leave on. Apply BLÚWAVE FIX and leave for 5 minutes, gently remove the curlers and apply BLÚWAVE FIX again, massaging gently. Leave on for another 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water for 3 minutes.

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