Project Description

Colouring cream enriched with fresh Superfood

Super-nourishing cream, enriched with a mix of latest-generation pigments and a blend of concentrated plant-extracts, super-nourishing for the hair.
Create intense and bright color, for soft, silky and extremely glossy hair. all the nuances can be mixed together to customize the shade of the result, offer maximum creativity, give rich reflections and complete coverage of white hair.

Available in 48 nuances

Active principles:
AVOCADO: helps maintain the hair elasticity, reducing ageing of the hair shaft.
BANANA: has re-mineralising and restricturing properties
GINGER: has stimulating and anti-ageing properties.
ORANGE: protects the hair, renews cells and gives a sensation of freshness.
TURMERUC: strengthens hair and leaves it feeling softer.
CARROT: fortifies the hair structure, keeping it healthy and full of body.
RED FRUITS: stimulate microcirculation and help oxygenate cells, nourishing hair in depth.
APPLE: is an authentic elixir for glossy hair.
CHILLI PEPPERS: favour the hair oxygenation.

REVERSO nuances are to be used in mixture with REVERSO OXY oxidizing emulsions 10-20-30-40 Vol. to obtain permanent colors and with the REVEALER 5 Vol. to obtain semi-permanent colors. Mix 1:1  for standard shades, 1:2 for the ultra blond shades.

Packaging: 100 ml