A breath of freshness, gentle but effective. The permanent service, thioglycolate and ammonia free, with hydrolysed wheat protein. Inspired by the grace of nature; created to provide effective, stunning and highly professional results; dedicated to hairdressers and customers interested in the regarding product formulas for hair.


The mild permanent service offered by MILD TECH to sensitized hair on which it is not possible to perform traditional perm services
MILDTEXTURE: a delicate semi-permanent wave service for costumers who look for natural, gentle yet defined waves.
MILDBOOSTER: the liquid booster specific for permanent waving services, ideal for those customers who look for well defined and long-lasting curls.

Natural yet gentle, with effective essences and active ingredients. A perfect balance between technology and nature for colouring, bleaching and perm-waving hair.
MILD TECH products are dermatologically tested and approved.

For those eco-friendly customers who wish to take care of their hair at home, Selective Professional recommends Natural Flowers, the natural line.