Formality and eccentricity, with colors ranging from light blondes, to bronzes to extra bright lavender grays, versatile nuances that make women unique. Short and unstructured lines, with a long fringe that can also be swept laterally.

Step by step


  1. Create a triangular section above the occipital bone as far as the ear lobe, passing above the rear section. Create a second, inverted triangle with its apex at the centre of the front area. Begin to cut the rear triangle using the vertical technique, from an initial central section, at an internal angle, continuing according to the shape of the skull. Using a rounded angle, blend the section in with the crown area and take the entire area, section by section, to behind the ear.
  2. Using the reference point obtained at the top of the inverted triangle, blend in the section using the horizontal technique, from the reference point to the front. Take all the hair, at a right angle, onto the guideline created.
  3. Using the reference point in the upper part of the head, cut a central section at a right angle and take the entire inverted triangle section onto the guideline. Personalise the style using the slide cut technique.


  1. Create a triangle from the highest point of the head, to the centre of the eyebrows. Colour the area outside the triangle using COLOREVO 8.24 + COLOREVO OXY 20vol 1:1.
  2. Create a parallel line inside the triangle near the ears. Colour the triangle created using COLOREVO 9.23 + COLOREVO OXY 20 vol 1:1.
  3. Create two similar triangles inside the initial triangle, with one tip on the tip of the first triangle and the other near the nose. Colour using COLOREVO 8.24 + COLOREVO OXY 20vol 1:1.
  4. Starting at the front hairline, part the area into sunburst rays and colour the first ray using COLOREVO 1017 + COLOREVO OXY 40vol 1:2; the second ray using COLOREVO 9.23 + COLOREVO OXY 30vol 1:1, the third ray using COLOREVO Lilac + COLOREVO OXY 30 vol 1:1. Continue, repeating the three formulas.


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