Selective Professional rediscovers the heart of a woman who is not afraid to dare, who overturns clichés and refuses classicisms.
BI BOLD, an ode to the courage to be yourself, able to exalt the interior conflict between strength and instability.
The courage of tackling time, highlighting the right level of transgression from the 80s that strengthens style and character. Lines from the past are discovered again, in a modern, classic and experimental way.
The courage of changing shape, rigid geometries overlapped to harmonious and fluid volumes, XXL cuts contrasting with extra-short ones. The courage to change the rules, strong and bold colors, with sharp or light shades, that express the desire for being reborn and conquering the future.
The courage to be authentic with mellow and natural shades to consolidate your identity.
A rebellious and brash sobriety that does not go unnoticed.

BI BOLD, the courage of style

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