Ultimate Luxury Shampoo

Pack: 100 ml

The SUBLIME treatment, shampoo and shower for the summer. It protects hair from UV rays and deeply hydrates stressed hair. Rich in moisturizing and emollient agents, it restores the natural softness and shine of the hair exposed to the sun. It gives a bright appearance to prevent the hair fiber from being damaged.

Active principles

  • MACADAMIA OIL: it contains a very rich seed with strong antioxidant, emollient and regenerating properties, that restore moisture and softness to the hair
  • COPAIBA OIL: provides a deep regeneration and rehydration of the scalp. It has excellent anti-inflammatory and astringent properties to prevent and treat skin irritations

How to use

Apply to damp skin and hair and massage it. Leave on for a few moments and the rinse thoroughly.

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