ONcare therapy Color Defense

Silver Power Shampoo

Pack: 250 ml e 1000 ml

Thanks to the antioxidant action of the extract of violets, it cleanses gently, reviving and strengthening the cold tones, neutralizing the unwanted yellow effects Leaves the hair conditioned, manageable and vital.

Active principles

VIOLET EXTRACT: give toning and conditioning action to the hair
MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL: with high antioxidant and repairing properties, it restores the right level of hydration, guaranteeing a pleasant feeling of softness

How to use

Apply to damp scalp. Massage it gently and wait for a few minutes to tone the most persistent yellow tones. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

In the salon: we recommended to continue the treatment with the Post – Treatment mask.
At home: we recommended to continue the treatment with Color Block Conditioner and Color Block Spray.

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