Oligomineral Cream

Oligomineral Cream

Pack: 100 ml

Permanent oxidation cream colour for maximum white hair coverage. Makes the hair shiny and silky respecting the capillary structure. Easy to prepare and apply thanks to its soft texture. Available in 49 nuances divided into 11 families

Active principles

COMPLEX OF NATURAL OLIGOELEMENTS: helps establish the right balance for the hair well-being, for contribuisce a ristabilire il giusto equilibrio strutturale per il benessere dei capelli, for a smoother, compact and hydrated hair

How to use

OLIGOMINERAL CREAM work in synergy with OXIDING EMULSION 10-20-30-40 Vol (3%, 6%, 9%, 12%) .
The mix of ratio is 1+1 [ex: 50 ml OLIGOMINERAL CREAM + 50 ml OXIDIZING EMULSION].
Apply on dry and unwashed hair.
Resting time: 30 min

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