Decolorvit Nova

Pack: 500 gr

Bleaching powder, with an exclusive “safe salon formula” compact, with zero volatility, ideal for an ultra-performing action. Mixed exclusively with Decolorvit Active SSe it lightens up to 9 shades gradually and evenly. Enriched with special enzymes and meteorite powder.

Active principles

  • ENZYME COMPLEX: reduces the % of use of ammonium persulphate by limiting its aggressiveness on the hair
  • METEORITE POWDER: embellished with meteorite powder to add preciousness, uniqueness and strength to the product

How to use

DECOLORVIT Nova should be mixed solely with DECOLORVIT Active Use 10-20-30 vol.  Mix in a non-metallic bowl, based on the consistency and the chosen technique. Apply the cream to dry hair and leave on, monitoring the bleaching development. When the developing time is over, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and cleanse with the ONcare Color Care. (link)


with Decolorvit Active Use 10-20-30 vol

  • 1+1,5 maximum performance and brightening speed (up to 9 brightening tones)
  • 1+2 faster than standard setting times (up to 8 lightening tones)
  • 1+2,5 maximum controllability of the lightening process (more gradual/progressive brightness)

Developing time: it varies according to the volume of DECOLORVIT Active Use 10-20-30 vol.  Chosen and the structure of hair to be treated. Maximum time 45 minutes.

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