Decolorvit Art

Pack: 500 g

Bleaching cream, ultra-cosmetic, respects the hair fibre, and it is ideal for fragile and coloured hair. The creamy texture guarantees maximum safety in the salon, due to the absence of volatile powders. Easy to mix and apply, it lightens the hair gently, enhancing shine, softness, moisture and manageability. It does not drip, dry or swell under any condition. Mixed exclusively with DECOLORVIT active use, it gives a gradual bleaching up to 7 tones, reducing effectively the yellow tones.

Active principles

  • GUAR GUM: estores the surface hydro lipid film. Makes the hair elastic and shiny and has a long-lasting protective effect on the hair fibre treated
  • JOJOBA OIL: with moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant properties, makes the hair shine and easy to comb

How to use

DECOLORVIT Art has to be mixed exlusively with DECOLORVIT Active Use 10-20-30-40 vol. based on the desired bleaching level. Apply on dry hair. Allow to rest but check the bleaching process every 5 minutes, up to a maximum of 55 minutes. The resting time depends on the hair conditions. When the resting time is completed, rinse out well with water and cleanse with a specific shampoo from the ONcare Color Care.

1:2 with Decolorvit Active Use 10-20-30-40 vol Decolorvit Active Use

Developing time max: 55 minutes

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