Project Description

Thanks to the intensive action of Redensl and the precious actives contained in the innovative ONcare fluxes, it helps rebalance the physiological processes, stimulate cellular metabolism, improve microcirculation by increasing the percentage of hair in the Anagen phase. It fights against hair atrophy and aging, strengthens weakened hair and improves its regenerating skills whilst obstructing the temporary hair loss in both men and women.

Active principles
REDENSYL® made of 4 main molecules (DHQG, EGCG2, Glicina, Zinco) able to reactivate hair growth and reduce loss in just 84 days.

Directions for use
Apply the contents of half a phial evenly onto a clean scalp (not necessarily cleansed) and massage it. Style the hair without rinsing.
Frequency of use:For best results, we recommend 1 application a day (half a phial) for 6 weeks. For maximum effects, we recommend prolonging its use for up to 3 months. Repeat the treatment twice a year.

Packaging: 8 x 8 ml – 16 applications