Project Description

Ideal for Colour-treated, weak and fragile hair. Enriched with vegetable keratin and Bionectar, an exclusive blend of precious natural ingredients, it repairs damaged, treated and fragile hair fibres, restores energy, volume and body, whilst intensifying the hydrating and nourishing properties of Natural Flowers products.

Active principles
Fision Kera Veg18: Veg keratin. An amino acid complex, derived from wheat and soya, which perfectly replicates the main traits of the traditional animal keratin, offering a performing and safe solution.
Bionectar: An exclusive blend of 100% organic natural active principles consisting in the precious essences of green tea – antioxidant, calendula – emollient, dog rose – conditioning, linden – hydrating, bitter orange – toning and sweet iris – soothing.
Nitrogen Propellant: A natural gas which does not pollute, not inflammable and 100% biocompatible. Conveys the exit of the active principles, preserving their purity and natural traits, whilst intensifying its repairing and restoring action on the hair.

Directions for use
Shake well before use. Distribute vertically. For a deeper and intensive action, apply it on damp hair before Nutri Mask. For a frizz-control action, apply on damp hair after Hydro Conditioner. Proceed with the styling without rinsing.

Packaging: 150 ml