Project Description

Conditioning direct colour enriched with keratin.
Conditioning and delicate direct colour, non lifting, formuled with a concentration of direct coloring pigments absolutely ammonia and oxidizers free. Ideal to mask the first grey hair, to tone highlights and bleaches, to reflex or revive natural or colored hair and to create fashion effect. Colors, nourishes and protects, leaving hair rich in reflex, full bodied, shiny and vital.
Nuance: Dark Brown, Brown, Red, Copper, Sand, Ice, Denim Blue, Dark Green, Fuchsia.

Active principles
Spruce pine extract: thanks to polyphenols gives an important antioxidant action.
Arginine: amino acid very common in nature, thanks to its basic nature, acts with natural alkalizing. It performs a conditioning and antistatic action.
Amino acid Keratin: gives strength, softness and elasticity.

Directions for use
Shake well prior before using and distribute on clean, well towel blotted hair. Massage in order to optimize the distribution of the product, avoiding contact with scalp.
decoloured hair 5-10 minutes
permed hair 10-15 minutes
dyed hair 15-30 minutes
undyed hair, up to 20% grey hair, 20 minutes
thick undyed hair, up to 30% grey hair, 30 minutes

During the application time on decoloured or permed hair, carefully check that the colour has taken. Afterwards emulsify well with a little lukewarm water, then rinse well. Proceed with styling.

Packaging: 300 ml