Project Description

A wave perm for long-lasting and defined curls.

With a pleasant fragranced. It allows achieving long-lasting and defined waves, in full respect of the nature of curly hair.
Available in 3 different formulas:
0 for hair difficult to curl.
1 for normal and thin hair.
2 for bleached and dyed hair.
Mixed with BLÚWAVE FIX, a specific fixing solution, guarantees fast and long-lasting perms that fully respect the hair fibers. BLÚWAVE FIX is formulated with a stabilized pH acid that helps balance the alkaline residues.

Active principles
KERATIN AMINO ACIDS: they penetrate into the cuticle, hydrating and strengthening it from the inside. They help re-establish the correct level of hydration, necessary for healthier hair.

Directions for use
Apply BLÚWAVE on cleansed, towel-dried hair, accurately curled around rollers. Leave it on and then apply BLÚWAVE FIX. Wait for 5 minutes, then carefully remove the rollers and apply BLÚWAVE FIX again. Massage. Wait for other 5 minutes then rinse out thoroughly with warm water for 3 minutes.

BLÙWAVE 250 ml