Scalp Defense

//Scalp Defense

For the scalp care.

ONcare SCALP DEFENSE offers a complete line of specific treatments to counteract, soothe, oxygenate and oritect the scalp, rebalancing the skin functions.

The ONcare SCALP DEFENSE line has developed a specific solution for each anomaly of the skin:

  • Flaking scalp. Dandruff control removes dandruff excess, restores the natural balance of microbial, alleviates itching sensational thanks to the action of Piroctone Olamine, Defensil and Copaiba Oil.
  • Greasy scalp. Removes excess of sabum and impurities, checks and balances the production sebum, protects and reinforces the cutaneous barrier thanks to the action of Tiolisina complex 30, Copaiba oil, Defensil.
  • Sensitive scalp. Lenitive relieves and smoothes scalp irritations, decongests the scalp, restores physiological hydrolipid equilibrium thanks to the action of the sunflower extract, chamomile and bisabolol.

Healthiness begins from the scalp. A healthy scalp is the key of beautiful hair.