NOW NEXT GENERATION, always one-step ahead in the world of styling. Renew your beauty every day; let your creativity take a new shape. Give yourself a unique look.
NOW introduces a new generation of styling products, created to satisfy the most demanding hair stylists, always seeking for advanced and highly performing products, and for their customers, eager to reveal a new trendy look that can reveal their inner personalities.

NOW NEXT GENERATION, dynamic and innovative styling, always on the move.

Products designed to create all sort of styles: strong, compact, natural, smooth or voluminous, glossy and messy. Exclusive products that can help express creativity and personality through styling.

5 specific families to help you reach the desired final effect:logo-now

CURL, to give vitality and energy to curly hair
FINISH, to define all hair types
FRIZZ CONTROL, to eliminate frizz and enhance hair shine
TEXTURE, for a long-lasting hold to all hair types
THERMO, for thermal protection from blow dryers, irons and straighteners.

6 holding indexes, ideal to manage hold and control and to achieve perfect results.