Beyond colour, true emotion.

COLOREVO, a professional colouring system, ideal for all hair types. COLOREVO colours guarantees extraordinary colours, healthy hair, thrilling results. Today these results are possible with the cutting-edge ceramide technology of CERAFLUX PLUS and COLOR DIFFUSION SYSTEM.

CERAFLUX PLUS sensational, full-bodied and healthy hair thanks to the precious ingredients that act at every stage of the colouring process.
Result outcome: perfect colour and sensational hair.

COLOR DIFFUSION SYSTEM radiant, brilliant and long lasting colours thanks to the balanced colouring system enhanced with protective agents.
Result outcome: aggressive cleansing and sunrays effects do not affect the hair colour, which remains visibly sparkling and intense.

COLOREVO offers a highly personalized and customizable color concept with over 190 shades at the hairstylist’s service. A global brand, made in Italy, available in over 60 countries.

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COLOREVO in synergy with POWERPLEX to get sensational results. The innovative professional treatment that enhances the performance of all technical services. It penetrates into the hair shaft, creating new bonds with its protein structure.