Avocado Shot

Hair superfood serum.

No-rinse hydrating and protective Superfood Serum. Enriched with avocado extract, this is a strong antioxidant rich in vitamins and Omega 3. It prevents dryness and dehydration of the hair fibre, protecting and hydrating it in depth. Ideal for daily use of natural or colour-treated, dry and damaged hair. Its light and fluid texture immediately penetrates into the hair shaft, improving the way it looks, leaving it soft and protected day after day.

Active principles
Avocado Extract: with excellent restructuring and nourishing properties, it has a softening and protective action against the aggressions of atmospheric agents and gives elasticity and softness to the hair.
Omega 3: facilitate the replacement processes, improve keratinization and protect the skin from premature aging. Have an antioxidant action, fighting free radicals and preventing capillary aging.

Directions for use
Shake before using. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair. Comb through to distribute evenly and then style without rinsing, go to hairstyle. Combined with All in One masks, it adds extra well-being to the hair.

Packaging: 10 ml