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Show, Madrid

By |2018-03-13T13:35:48+01:00October 23rd, 2015|News from the world|

Borns in Madrid 20 years ago, one of the first ambassadors of the values and the business of Selective Professional. Selective Professional España reviews the history of the brand through a show that sees on stage the best Spanish hairstylists with the international hairstylists who presented the latest collection 2Shade. A day to celebrate an [...]

Cut & Colour, Tricobiotos Academy

By |2015-10-06T09:59:02+01:00October 18th, 2015|News from the world|

In the Academy of Tricobiotos, with the group of Selective Professional España, Marco Serra and Paolo Amato present the latest fashion trends with the collection 2Shade: the deep cobalt nuances stand out as a contrast to the striking intensity of the blue black; exaltation of femininity with a meltin'point of colors and nuances reinterpreted in [...]