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Cut & Colour, Rome

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Alessandra Baratella and Max Pradella follow in a step by step the attendees to innovative techniques of cut and color, an exclusive course dedicated to all the hairstylist who wish to learn the uniqueness of the moment to propose cuts in salon fashionable and sensational colors.

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Show, Madrid

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Borns in Madrid 20 years ago, one of the first ambassadors of the values and the business of Selective Professional. Selective Professional España reviews the history of the brand through a show that sees on stage the best Spanish hairstylists with the international hairstylists who presented the latest collection 2Shade. A day to celebrate an [...]

Cut & Colour, Tricobiotos Academy

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In the Academy of Tricobiotos, with the group of Selective Professional España, Marco Serra and Paolo Amato present the latest fashion trends with the collection 2Shade: the deep cobalt nuances stand out as a contrast to the striking intensity of the blue black; exaltation of femininity with a meltin'point of colors and nuances reinterpreted in [...]

What a beard! 5 things you surely don’t know about beard

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Who shaved the beard first in the past? Egyptians used to shave their beard already 3400years b.c. Within their traditions, shaving was believed to be a religious duty besides being a good hygienic rule. Because of this, the Egyptians used to store their razors in dedicated pouches, found by archaeologists during excavations. With or without [...]

Stronger and healthier hair?

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Every day, each of us loses hair. Hair loss is a physiological process necessary to favour the hair renewal. As such, this process is not to be feared, though within certain limits. Several reasons can lead us to facing hair loss, however it is demonstrated that healthy, well-treated and prepared hair can certainly reduce, delay [...]